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The York YMCA offers two different developmental and competitive swimming program pathways: York YMCA Swimming a nationally focused USA and YMCA Swimming Program and York YMCA Tidal Waves Swim Team.

For those experienced swimmers who want to get the most out of their swim training and competition experience, the York YMCA Competitive Team offers USA and YMCA swimming both regionally and nationally. 
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York Masters - Masters Swimming Program

YY Home School Swimming Program

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Team Philosophies

Meet the Coaches John Nelson, Head Coach
    York GAC Branch Brian Strathmeyer, Assistant Coach

Jillian Almoney, Assistant Coach

Alicia Campbell, Assistant Coach

Micah Metzel, Facilities

    Southern York Branch
Kyle Morrison, Southern Branch Coach

Graham Aquatic Center

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     York Dispatch GAC Opening - 10-16-2008

York YMCA Southern Branch - Shrewsbury, PA

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Contact Us Mailing Address:
York YMCA Swimming

90 North Newberry Street
York, PA  17404

Primary Facility Address:
Graham Aquatic Center
543 North Newberry Street

York, PA  17404
717-718-1968 x104


Southern York County Branch:
100 Constitution Avenue 
Shrewsbury, PA 17361

For More Information
Please contact:
Coach John Nelson, by phone at 717-718-1968 ext.104, or by email at jnelson@yorkcoymca.org or come by the York YMCA Graham Aquatic Center pool between 4:30 and 8:00 pm weekdays

USA Swimming Club Excellence Program
 2015-2016 York YMCA Swim Team
USA Swimming Level 4 Club Recognition