Coach John email: Important! Lots of information

Posted by York YMCA Aquatic Club on Feb 12 2020 at 10:15AM PST


Here is a lot of information that will help with the next few weeks and into the summer. Please read this over carefully. I’m sure I made a few mistakes which I will correct promptly as they come up. Feel free to bring your questions to tonight’s Aquatic Club meeting. I hope to see everyone there.

Click here for the USA comp groups adjusted practice schedule over the next month.==

Click here for YSCAP tentative entries==

  • Swimmers who already have a "full load" at JOs will not be competing in this meet. Swimmers who have no cuts for JOs or just a few will likely be entered. Please email me with any questions regarding these entries. This is a prelims/finals championships for the 9-14 year old age groups and is a fantastic meet for catapulting into new JO cuts.

Click here for Junior Olympic tentative entries==

  • These entries are due before the end of the YSCAP meet. BUT if you qualify at that meet you will be allowed to do a late entry into JOs. Unless I hear otherwise, I will expect that anyone who makes JOs will compete at JOs.

Click here for a very tentative summer meet schedule==

  • This gives you an idea of the dates for the major meets we will be attending but there are still a lot of details for us to fill in as we get more information.