Posted by Nikki Staretz on Aug 07 2020 at 12:42PM PDT

Live Streaming (when available)

Psych sheet as of 8/4

Heat Sheet – Session 1
Heat Sheet – Session 2
Heat Sheet – Session 3
Heat Sheet – Session 4


Estimated Timelines:
13 & over session:
Warm ups: 7:00am
Meet start: 8:20am
Meet Finish: 11:15 am

12 & under session:
Warm up: 11:15am
Meet start: 12:15pm
Meet Finish: 2:15pm

Protocol for meet:
· Everyone who enters the building will come through the front doors for temperature screening. No one with a temperature over 100.5 will be permitted. If you are sick or have symptoms you must stay home.
· Swimmers & parents will sit outside. Families will need to bring their own chairs, towels, tents, etc and set up out back of the GAC.
· Social distance needs to be observed inside and outside the GAC.
· The outside seating will be sectioned off by team. There will be plenty of space for everyone and we must require no mingling between the team areas.
· We will have a staging area by the back entrance. Volunteers will help organize the heats for the events that are about to compete. After the swimmers compete, they will exit through the doors on the opposite side.
· Coaches, officials, & other meet personnel will wear masks while inside and on the pool deck. Swimmers will wear a mask until they need to prepare for their race and/or race.
· Parents and spectators will view the meet from meet mobile and from the livestream video we will have running. We will run this livestream for the entire meet. We will not have spectators/parents on deck.

Meet Entries: Attached here are the tentative meet entries.

The entries will become final on August 5th.

Estimated Timeline/Protocol/etc: Click here for Coach John’s initial email
Please READ all the details from this email. Let Coach know if you have any questions.

Volunteer Sign-Up
Email from Kendra regarding Meet Volunteers: We are looking forward to our Tri-Meet August 8-9. We need a limited number of volunteers for this meet. We will only have one timer per lane. Deck Marshals are needed and need to be actively monitoring the deck, hallways, and locker room area. Seeders are needed for all sessions since the swimmers will be sitting outside. Seeders will be outside. Seeders and Deck Marshals will also need to communicate as to when the next group of swimmers may come on deck.

Also we ask that volunteers not switch out with other parents during the session. For example, if you sign up to time, you are committing to time the entire session. This will help us limit the number of people on deck.
Please also keep in mind that all volunteers need to wear masks.

Tri-Meet Sign-up
Please sign-up for only one session in order to give all parents an opportunity to be on deck. Officials may sign-up for multiple sessions.